Wine industry residues extracts as natural antioxidants in raw and cooked chicken meat during frozen storage

M. M. Selani, C. J. Contreras-Castillo, L. D. Shirahigue, C. R. Gallo, M. Plata-Oviedo, Nilda D.M. Villanueva

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The effect of Isabel (IGE) and Niagara (NGE) grape seed and peel extracts on lipid oxidation, instrumental colour, pH and sensory properties of raw and cooked processed chicken meat stored at - 18 °C for nine months was evaluated. The pH of raw and cooked samples was not affected by the addition of grape extracts. IGE and NGE were effective in inhibiting the lipid oxidation of raw and cooked chicken meat, with results comparable to synthetic antioxidants. The extracts caused alterations in colour, as evidenced by the instrumental (darkening and lower intensity of red and yellow colour) and sensory results of cooked samples. In the sensory evaluation of odour and flavour, IGE produced satisfactory results, which did not differ from synthetic antioxidants. These findings suggest that the IGE and NGE are effective in retarding lipid oxidation of raw and cooked chicken meat during frozen storage. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.
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PublicaciónMeat Science
EstadoPublicada - 1 jul. 2011
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