Usability in Automated Teller Machines Interfaces: A Systematic Literature Review

Arturo Moquillaza, Freddy Asrael Paz, Rosangela Valenzuela

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Due to technological progress, financial institutions have included ATMs as one of their main channels as a way to decentralize their services. However, there is a gap between user expectations and their perceptions regarding what ATM interfaces offer. As a result, several users feel dissatisfied after using ATMs and many times this dissatisfaction is related to the difficulty of use, design flaws and the fact of committing many errors when interfaces have a low degree of usability. In this sense, in this study we present a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) about usability on ATM interfaces. With this study, we want to understand the current situation of the problems mentioned before, so we seek to know the problems and challenges that have been presented lately for these electronic media, as well as the solutions that have addressed these problems, and the techniques and methods used to carry out these designs or redesigns. For this, the protocol proposed by Kitchenham was followed. Scopus, ACM Digital Library, Alicia and IEEE Digital Library were searched, and finally 51 papers were selected as relevant. With this information it was possible to identify and analyze challenges, usability issues, usability evaluations, and techniques and methods used to carry out designs or redesigns, as well as case studies of designs or redesigns in the ATM domain. We found that this topic is being developed in recent years, that there are common challenges encountered, and that designs, redesigns and usability evaluations have been carried out in this domain under different methods, techniques and frameworks. However, several of these usability issues persist today. © 2022, The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Switzerland AG.
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PublicaciónLecture Notes in Computer Science
EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 2022

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