Upper Limb Prostheses by the Level of Amputation: A Systematic Review

Diego Segura, Enzo Romero, Victoria E. Abarca, Dante A. Elias

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This review article aims to provide an updated and comprehensive overview of the latest trends in adult upper limb prostheses, specifically targeting various amputation levels such as transradial, transmetacarpal, transcarpal, and transhumeral. A systematic search was conducted across multiple databases, including IEEE Xplore, MDPI, Scopus, Frontiers, and Espacenet, covering from 2018 to 2023. After applying exclusion criteria, 49 scientific articles (33 patents and 16 commercial prostheses) were meticulously selected for review. The article offers an in-depth analysis of several critical aspects of upper limb prostheses. It discusses the evolution and current state of input control mechanisms, the number of degrees of freedom, and the variety of grips available in prostheses, all tailored according to the level of amputation. Additionally, the review delves into the selection of materials used in developing these prostheses and examines the progression of technology readiness levels. A significant focus is also placed on the evolution of prosthesis weight over the years for different amputation levels. Moreover, the review identifies and explores critical technological challenges and prospects in upper limb prostheses. Finally, the article culminates with a conclusion that encapsulates the key findings and insights on the advancements and ongoing developments in this field.

Idioma originalInglés
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EstadoPublicada - abr. 2024

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