Unidad de Gestión de Tecnología en Salud e Ingeniería Clínica en Hospitales Peruanos: Excelencia y calidad de tecnología en el INMP

Luis Vilcahuamán, R. Rivas, J. Portella, D. Paz, J. Luis, E. Mezarina

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The technology is transverse and in turn an essential part of the structure that makes up the different types of health care, laboratories, diagnostic imaging, pharmacy, sterilization, communications, etc. Its members contribute with different elements to establish the health service coverage. INMP technology requires management to make appropriate decisions regarding strategies, plans, programs, investments, facilities, equipment, information systems, procedures, organizational functions, location and coordination with other institutional services that incorporate patients. In this regard, and with the direction of Health Technopole CENGETS - PUCP, the INMP has proposed to develop a Unit in Health Technology Management and Clinical Engineering to ensure clinical effectiveness, efficiency, patient safety and quality providing specialized services to mothers and newborns at high risk. This first phase of implementation shows tangible results particularly in the Neonatal Care Unit NICU with sufficient economic sustainability and this innovative is the start for the development of a modern organizational structure of health facilities with improved capacity to manage their technology. © 2013 Springer.
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EstadoPublicada - 26 mar. 2013

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