U(2) and minimal flavour violation in supersymmetry

Riccardo Barbieri, Gino Isidori, Joel Jones-Pérez, Paolo Lodone, David M. Straub

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Rather than sticking to the full U(3)3 approximate symmetry normally invoked in Minimal Flavour Violation, we analyze the consequences on the current flavour data of a suitably broken U(2)3 symmetry acting on the first two generations of quarks and squarks. A definite correlation emerges between the ΔF=2 amplitudes M(K0 → K̄0), M(Bd → B̄d) and M(Bs → B̄s), which can resolve the current tension between M(K0 → K̄0) and M(Bd → B̄d), while predicting M(Bs → B̄s). In particular, the CP violating asymmetry in Bs→ψφ is predicted to be positive Sψφ=0.12±0.05 and above its Standard Model value (S ψφ=0.041±0.002). The preferred region for the gluino and the left-handed sbottom masses is below about 1÷1.5 TeV. An existence proof of a dynamical model realizing the U(2)3 picture is outlined.

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PublicaciónEuropean Physical Journal C
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