Tratamiento penal de la diversidad cultural por la justicia estatal del Perú

Felipe A. Villavicencio Terreros

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Peru is a country with ethnic and cultural diversity (multicultural, multiethnic) which has created a legal debate on the penal treatment corresponding to the criminal acts carried out by people with different cultural patterns (e.g. members of peasant communities, native communities located in different parts of the country). At present, the constitutional recognition of multiculturalism in different countries of America, provides a framework for implementing solutions to criminal law cases the state courts have to solve. Although the issue has anthropological and sociological readings (which the author develops in other places), this article only focuses on certain substantive legal solutions criminal law may choose to treat cases that deserve a different cultural value. © ERES. Tous droits réservés pour tous pays.
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PublicaciónRevue Internationale de Droit Penal
EstadoPublicada - 1 dic. 2011
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