Theoretical and experimental study of the LR-115 detector response in a non-commercial radon monitor

B. Pérez, M. E. López, D. Palacios

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B.trαcks, a simulation program for SSNTD's sensitivity, has been developed to study the response of LR-115 (cellulose nitrate) and CR-39 (poly allyl glycol carbonate) nuclear track detectors. Detectors are located inside detector holders and are used for radon measurements. The program incorporates a variety of special features gathered together to achieve good agreement between theoretical approach and experimental results. The input parameters to study the detector response are radon exposure, geometry and dimensions of a detector holder (it can be cylindrical, conical or semi-spherical), entrance type for radon gas, detector type, and V function (four different functions were selected from literature). The output results are detector response and radon progeny distribution onto internal chamber walls. In this article, the response of the LR-115, which is placed inside a non-commercial-conductive radon monitor based on diffusion chambers called G2, was theoretically and experimentally studied. The common Monte Carlo simulation procedure and an alternative approach that replicates how monitors are exposed to different radon exposures were used as theoretical approaches. Experimental methodology was conducted in a radon test chamber from Italy (MI.AM s.r.l.). Comparison results of both theoretical and experimental methodology are presented and discussed. One of the major results, among others, shows that the monitor material (conductive or non-conductive) does not influence the LR-115 response.

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PublicaciónApplied Radiation and Isotopes
EstadoPublicada - jun. 2020


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