The teaching of science in basic education: Teaching representations of teachers

Osbaldo Turpo Gebera, Milagros Gonzales-Miñán

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The representations of the teaching staff on the teaching of science reveal the ways of conceiving their teaching. Recognizing how it is configured is of pedagogical interest, while evidencing the didactic configurations developed in classrooms, basically in school science. In that course, teachers who work in public education schools in Peru, emphasize processes based on their conceptions and experiences, which underlies their own epistemology. In these spaces, a variety of representations are established that guide the didactic interventions, so facing their recognition involved resorting to the semantic analysis of the evocations and hierarchies that the faculty of science makes explicit through associated terms or phrases (Didactics + Science), collected through surveys that inductively led to conceive the object represented: Teaching science education. The analytical treatment of the information collected allowed to demonstrate certain representational, central and peripheral structures. All of them express an emergent sense, properly, a cognitive construction on didactics. These are expressed as common sense knowledge and useful to understand the intersection of their experiences and knowledge, through didactic representations recognized as: i) relational, linking knowledge with scientific training, ii) cultural, orientation towards a scientifically literate citizenship, iii) investigation, of accumulation of capacities to reconstruct knowledge and iv) instrumental, aimed at the generation of learning in science.
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EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 2020
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