The role of the amount of input in the learning process of english vocalic categories /i:/ AND /I/ by Spanish-speaking children

Paloma Pinillos Chávez

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Studies such as Escudero's (2005) indicate that the exposure to an increased amount of input on the second language (L2) allows the student to perceive and, therefore, develop a best categorization of the distinctive sounds of it. This research studies the perception and categorization of two Spanish-speaking children groups who are exposed to different amounts of L2 (British English) during elementary school. This exposure was analyzed applying a test, which allows observing and measuring the perception and categorization of acoustic stimuli. stimuli, specifically the English phonemes /i:/ and /I / in comparison to children from the school with shortest amount of English input.
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PublicaciónLenguas Modernas
EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 2015
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