The role of Government policy and the growth of entrepreneurship in the micro, small (&) medium-sized enterprises in India: An overview

Afshar Jahnshahi Asghar, Khaled Nawaser, Morteza Jamali Paghaleh, Seyed Mohammad Sadeq Khaksar

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Micro, Small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as the most common form of enterprises in many countries are very significant for the development of their market economies. They are the main creators of the new working places and they present a vital core of the market economy. The experiences of well-developed countries show that the sector of Micro, small and medium enterprises is a basic link to the growth and development of their public economy. Policymaking in the entrepreneurship field is complex and messy. Many areas of Government policy affect levels of entrepreneurial activity. The mix of policy options will depend on a number of factors, including the prevailing attitudes of the population towards entrepreneurship, the structure of the labor force, the size and role of Government, the prevalence of existing level of entrepreneurial activity and the existing MSMEs. It is commonplace for Governments to have policies to encourage the growth of local Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as they can help to directly alleviate poverty by increasing income levels and creating jobs. This paper evaluates the government policies with respect to the MSMEs and the performance of these enterprises in relation to these policies and assistance. In particular, the article concentrates on the growth of entrepreneurship within the Micro, Small and Medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in India. In addition, it also considers the contribution of MSMEs towards country's employment generation. The global market has changed considerably as also the activities of Micro, Small and medium enterprises. Today, for businesses to survive, dynamism and entrepreneurship must exist in its fullest degree. We found in the past record of MSME development that, those countries have succeeded in achieving higher growth of MSME, who have given much more emphases on Entrepreneurship Development Program.

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PublicaciónAustralian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
EstadoPublicada - jun. 2011
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