The lexicon of Quechua kinship according to Juan Pérez Bocanegra (Cuzco, 17th century)

Raúl Bendezú-Araujo

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Within the framework of colonial Andean studies, the image of Juan Perez Bocanegra, parish priest of Andahuaylillas (Cuzco), is highly regarded, and his work is often cited as a very reliable source. The most significant contribution of this cleric to our knowledge of the Andean past lies in its detailed description of the Quechua kinship system. However, without trying dismiss the overall value of the work of Pérez Bocanegra, this article seeks to provide a linguistic-philological perspective of the data he provides regarding the Quechua kinship lexicon from the early seventeenth century. In this respect, I will try to support the hypothesis that, on this particular aspect, this author's data is not entirely reliable, for it obeys a particular evangelizer project that leaves traces in the selection and presentation of the lexemes that compose the lexical field in question.
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