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The COVID-19 pandemic experience posed new challenges to universities, moving from face-to-face education to remote education, and this has brought as a consequence the use of digital in teaching-learning and therefore the digital competence of the university professor. Digital competence is defined as the creative, critical and safe use of information and communication technologies to achieve objectives related to work, employability, learning, leisure, inclusion and participation in society. The objective of this work was to systematize scientific evidence on the digital competence of university professors, using the PRISMA Flowchart. The SCOPUS, Web OF SCIENCE and ERIC databases were analyzed with the Boolean operators "AND" and "OR", and search operations in the languages, Spanish and English between the years 2011 to 2022. Twenty-four articles were analyzed that responded to the research question "What are the conclusions reached by the evaluation of the digital competence of university professor?", including instruments, approaches and countries with the most evidence published on the subject. The results indicate that the focus of attention on the evaluation of the digital competencies of university faculty is recent due to the effect of the pandemic, with a view to improving university teaching-learning. The country with the most publications in this line is Spain and the instrument that serves as a model for most of the research found comes from the European framework, with the use of a quantitative research design. Few qualitative and mixed studies were also found, these allow to deepen the application of technology in teaching as well as its effects on learning. It is concluded that digital competencies are a necessity in university teaching processes and although the levels of competence are very varied as well as the factors that influence them, most of the researches agree that their pedagogical use is still very scarce. A trend that can be observed is that the use of technology in university teaching will be a demand that will be required by the new generations. It is suggested that further research should incorporate a mixed design to evaluate the application of technology in the teaching process and its effects on university students.
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EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 2022

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