TEFM Enhances Transcription Elongation by Modifying mtRNAP Pausing Dynamics

Hongwu Yu, Cheng Xue, Mengping Long, Huiqiang Jia, Guosheng Xue, Shengwang Du, Yves Coello, Toyotaka Ishibashi

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Regulation of transcription elongation is one of the key mechanisms employed to control gene expression. The single-subunit mitochondrial RNA polymerase (mtRNAP) transcribes mitochondrial genes, such as those related to ATP synthesis. We investigated how mitochondrial transcription elongation factor (TEFM) enhances mtRNAP transcription elongation using a single-molecule optical-tweezers transcription assay, which follows transcription dynamics in real time and allows the separation of pause-free elongation from transcriptional pauses. We found that TEFM enhances the stall force of mtRNAP. Although TEFM does not change the pause-free elongation rate, it enhances mtRNAP transcription elongation by reducing the frequency of long-lived pauses and shortening their durations. Furthermore, we demonstrate how mtRNAP passes through the conserved sequence block II, which is the key sequence for the switch between DNA replication and transcription in mitochondria. Our findings elucidate how both TEFM and mitochondrial genomic DNA sequences directly control the transcription elongation dynamics of mtRNAP.
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PublicaciónBiophysical Journal
EstadoPublicada - 18 dic. 2018

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