Tectonic control of erosion and sedimentation in the Amazon Basin of Bolivia

Patrice Baby, Jean Loup Guyot, Gérard Hérail

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The western Amazon drainage basin, which extends from southern Colombia to northern Bolivia, comprises the Cordillera Oriental of the Andes and its adjacent foreland basin system. In northern Bolivia, the orogenic wedge of the eastern Andes is very large, and its forward propagation controls the morphology of the Madeira drainage basin. We consider here the erosion and sedimentation mass balance in this part of the Amazon Basin, estimated on the basis of recent sediment yield data, within the current tectonic and geomorphic framework. The total suspended sediment (TSS) ux exported from the present orogenic wedge of northern Bolivia has been estimated at 500-600 million t year-1. More than 50% of the total sediment load crossing the Madeira foreland basin system is deposited. The rest of the sediments (less than 46%) reaches the eastern Amazon Basin, bypassing the Brazilian craton to the north. The average mass of sediment that has been deposited from the late Miocene to the present in the Madeira foreland basin sedimentation system is less than that intercepted today, by a factor of about 2ċ4. These results can be interpreted as an increase in Bolivian foreland basin exural subsidence over time, associated with crust thickening and orogenic loading, and accentuated by the growing mass of retained sediments. They are consistent with the uplift rates of the Cordillera Oriental, obtained from ssion-track dating, which began increasing signicantly around 10-15 Ma.

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