SUSY renormalization group effects in ultra high energy neutrinos

M. Bustamante, A. M. Gago, J. Jones Pérez

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We have explored the question of whether the renormalization group running of the neutrino mixing parameters in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model is detectable with ultra-high energy neutrinos from active galactic nuclei (AGN). We use as observables the ratios of neutrino fluxes produced at the AGN, focusing on four different neutrino production models: ( φ0 ve+̄e : φ0 vμ+̄μ : φ0 vr+̄r ) = (1 : 2 : 0), (0 : 1 : 0), (1 : 0 : 0), and (1 : 1 : 0). The prospects for observing deviations experimentally are taken into consideration, and we find out that it is necessary to impose a cut-off on the transferred momentum of Q2 ≥ 107 GeV2. However, this condition, together with the expected low value of the diffuse AGN neutrino flux, yields a negligible event rate at a km-scale ?Cerenkov detector such as IceCube.

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Número de artículo133
PublicaciónJournal of High Energy Physics
EstadoPublicada - 2011


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