RIMAC project: Open urban routing information system fed by real time reliable sources

Luis Camacho Caballero, Jose Luis Calderon Choy, Reynaldo Baquerizo Micheline

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Transportation in Lima is one of the most chaotic in the world. A transportation reform plan in the city of Lima is underway. After this process the traffic in the city should be controlled. However, many years could be spent before reaching that goal. Until that happens, the citizens need accessible solutions now. An alleviation to the problem is solving the lack of official traffic data. This project proposes the development of information systems built with open source software over an open source geographical platform that allows the introduction of new and reliable sources of information like data from fixed and mobile sensor, camcorders, traffic lights or mobile phones. With these new data sources, this system will be able to provide many more realistic reports. These open platforms have many advantages, they have a developed integrated mapping and information processing system, they are also available on web and can be ported to mobile applications on smartphones. Popular proprietary software as Waze or Google Maps Traffic were ruled out because that doesn't allow enough access to inner code.
Idioma originalEspañol
Título de la publicación alojada2015 IEEE 1st International Smart Cities Conference, ISC2 2015
EstadoPublicada - 24 dic. 2015

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