RGE behavior of SUSY with a U(2)3 symmetry

Gianluca Blankenburg, Joel Jones-Pérez

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The first LHC results seem to disfavor, from the point of view of naturalness, any constrained MSSM realization with universal conditions at the SUSY-breaking scale. A more motivated scenario is given by split-family SUSY, in which the first two generations of squarks are heavy, compatible with a U(2)3 flavor symmetry. We consider this flavor symmetry to be broken at a very high scale and study the consequences at low energies through its RGE evolution. Initial conditions compatible with a split scenario are found, and the preservation of correlations from minimal U(2)3 breaking are checked. The various chiral operators in ΔF=2 processes are analyzed, and we show that, due to LHC gluino bounds, the (LL)(RR) operators cannot always be neglected. Finally, we also study a possible extension of the U(2)3 model compatible with the lepton sector.

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PublicaciónEuropean Physical Journal C
EstadoPublicada - 2013
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