Rewriting the horror genre through new digital realities in Cam by Daniel Goldhaber

Rodrigo Bedoya Forno

Producción científica: Contribución a una revistaArtículorevisión exhaustiva


This article seeks to explain how the film Cam (2018) works with some themes of the horror genre (the doppelgänger or double, in particular) to show how the new digital technologies have changed the dynamics of our everyday life. The film offers, based on the story of a cam girl whose identity is taken by an unknown entity, a look on how digital technologies have become work and provision tools, creating a new life dynamic in which we do not need to move from one place to another and everything can be done with a click. The film also exposes the new forms of the horror genre, showing the Internet as a place where violence and sex have become tools to generate more interactivity with users, and allow better profits. But Cam also works with some contemporary fears that come with the new technologies (to be blocked from an account or the possibility of being hacked) to create a universe where all explanations are possible and where it is very hard to establish what is the enemy to beat.
Idioma originalEspañol
Páginas (desde-hasta)105-127
Número de páginas23
EstadoPublicada - 1 dic. 2020
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