Reliability model for switchgear failure analysis applied to ageing

Ricardo Manuel Arias Velásquez, Jennifer Vanessa Mejía Lara, Andrés Melgar

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The failure analysis for each component is the biggest problem for maintenance task for switchgears. It should consider the redundant mechanical and electrical systems, in circuit breakers for the analysis. In recently researches, they are often described innumerable system failure modes, according to the methodology applied: RCM plus, RCM 2, among others. Nevertheless, in these methodologies, the specific effects are independently considered (for example the IEEE standard) has proposed 11 failures modes, furthermore CIGRE has proposed 4 evolutionary failures modes however The effects are independent for the failure mode, there is no interaction between them. On the other hand, this research proposes a new perspective with combinations between them and the degradation sequence for ageing process. A proficient method is used to recognize main failure modes, according to IEC 62271–100 (2011) and IEC 62271-1 (2007), later, in the space of arbitrary components, it accomplishes system reliability analysis to calculate the system failure probability, due to reliability analysis, this research proposes a new proposal to complement the IEC standards. To establish the main failure and to propose in decreasing in order their influence. This new proposal to model the searching technique uses the Weibull and gamma distribution. Finally, the authors have done a case study with the new proposal, to prove the reliability goal for contending failure modes under the faster circumstances than traditional methods. In the section 1, the main aspect for the failure analysis in switchgear is described, in the section 2 a system reliability is analyzed with the failure modes criteria: A classical approach and a reliability scope in the analysis. In the section 3 a new proposal is described for a framework, it considers the failure mode analysis and reliability studies, later, in the section 4, the case study is developed with thirty-four hydraulic switchgear and 3201 site acceptance test for preventive maintenance and a section 5, for a discussion about the new proposal in the international standards.

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PublicaciónEngineering Failure Analysis
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