Psychometric properties of the brief sensation seeking scale in peruvian teenagers

Título traducido de la contribución: Propiedades psicométricas de la brief sensation seeking scale en adolescentes peruanos

Silvana Romero Saletti, David Olivo Chang, Cecilia Chau Pérez-Aranibar, Fiorella Otiniano Campos

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Background: The Brief Sensation Seeking Scale – BSSS measures sensation seeking in teenagers based on Zuckerman’s theory, covering the need for a brief instrument that might be useful for research contexts and capable of correcting some defects in the SSS-V. The aim of this study was to adapt the BSSS for research purposes with students schoolchildren in Lima and determine its psychometric properties. Method: 1,033 high school students from four public schools in Lima completed the final version of the BSSS. A confirmatory factor analysis was conducted to test scale structure and gender invariance and criterion validity were assessed. Results: CFA evidenced a good fit of the unidimensional model (S-Bχ2= 56.74, df = 18, p<0.001; TLI =.972, CFI =.982, SRMR =.026; RMSEA =.046). Moreover, the multi-group invariance analysis found metric invariance between boys and girls, but no scalar invariance. In addition, a composite reliability coefficient of .82 was obtained. Finally, the BSSS scores demonstrate differences in the use of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana, as well as the curiosity and intention to try marijuana. Conclusion: Psychometric results obtained from the BSSS are promising; making it a suitable instrument for measuring sensation seeking in adolescents from Lima.

Título traducido de la contribuciónPropiedades psicométricas de la brief sensation seeking scale en adolescentes peruanos
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EstadoPublicada - 2017


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