Prototipo experimental de un seguidor solar fotovoltaico de un eje inclinado integrado en marquesina de aparcamiento

Juan José Jiménez De Cisneros-Fonfría, Ricardo Orduz-Marzal, Roberto Carlos Parrado-Calzado, Pedro Jesús Pérez-Higueras, Carlos Martos-Lara, Pedro Gómez-Vidal

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A "ferrolinera" is a new system patented by ADIF to recharge electric vehicles from the recovery of braking energy of trains. In addition, have been equipped with ferrolinera of a plant of electric power generation photovoltaic solar energy, so that there is a source of backup power from renewable sources.In the present article sets forth the experience developed in the design, calculation and construction of an experimental prototype of a simple axis photovoltaic solar tracker installed on the cover of canopy structures and with a capacity of up to four vehicles used as "Ferrolinera". Additionally the installation consists of a point of recharging stations for electric vehicles. The location chosen for this prototype has been in the laboratory of energy of the company ADIF (Madrid), and has been designed by engineers of the companies AFFIRMA and ANDELSA together with researchers from the University of Jaén.The article is limited to the photovoltaic generator and the integration of the generator in the canopy of the parking lot. This element of the "Ferrolinera" presents an innovative aspect of the project because of its original integrated monitoring system in a canopy and the proper mathematical model developed for the same.

Título traducido de la contribuciónExperimental prototype of an inclined simple-axis solar photovoltaic tracker integrated on a parking car canopy
Idioma originalEspañol
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PublicaciónDyna (Spain)
EstadoPublicada - 1 may. 2015
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  • Electric vehicle
  • Eurocode
  • Solar Tracker


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