Project of wooden boxes for mangoes (Mangifera Indica L.)

Bárbara Janet Teruel, Neil Fernando Salazar Chacón, Roberto Funes Abrahão

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Losses of horticulture product in Brazil are significant and among the main causes are the use of inappropriate boxes and the absence of a cold chain. A project for boxes is proposed, based on computer simulations, optimization and experimental validation, trying to minimize the amount of wood associated with structural and ergonomic aspects and the effective area of the openings. Three box prototypes were designed and built using straight laths with different configurations and areas of openings (54% and 36%). The cooling efficiency of Tommy Atkins mango (Mangifera Indica L.) was evaluated by determining the cooling time for fruit packed in the wood models and packed in the commercially used cardboard boxes, submitted to cooling in a forced-air system, at a temperature of 6°C and average relative humidity of 85.4±2.1%. The Finite Element Method was applied, for the dimensioning and structural optimization of the model with the best behavior in relation to cooling. All wooden boxes with fruit underwent vibration testing for two hours (20 Hz). There was no significant difference in average cooling time in the wooden boxes (36.08±1.44 min); however, the difference was significant in comparison to the cardboard boxes (82.63±29.64 min). In the model chosen for structural optimization (36% effective area of openings and two side laths), the reduction in total volume of material was 60% and 83% in the cross section of the columns. There was no indication of mechanical damage in the fruit after undergoing the vibration test. Computer simulations and structural study may be used as a support tool for developing projects for boxes, with geometric, ergonomic and thermal criteria.
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PublicaciónCiencia e Agrotecnologia
EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 2009
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