Prioritization strategies to reduce the seismic risk of the public and strategic buildings

Marco Vona, Angelo Anelli, Monica Mastroberti, Beniamino Murgante, Sandra Santa-Cruz

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In the last years, after medium and strong Italian earthquakes a new and virtuous procedure for assessment of seismic capacity of the strategic buildings has been started and carried out. For single building, the best choice to retrofit should be defined based on its specific features and seismic deficiencies. Different methods and alternative approaches exist to define the optimum retrofitting strategy. On contrary, retrofitting strategies on a wide territorial scale (for public and/or strategic buildings) should be based on multiple and diverse aspects. Prioritization of the mitigation strategies with strongly limited budget has become a fundamental topic especially with regard to the limited economic resources and their allocation on national, regional or sub-regional territories. This is a typical political and administrative problem and it is a fundamental topic for decision makers. This issue is certainly of greatest interest for strategic buildings, which must have high performance during and after seismic emergency. In past years, often decision-making and selection of different strategies, they were devoid of rational criteria. Due to both the huge amount of strategic buildings that require interventions and the limited economic availability, it is necessary as a first step to define the priority of interventions on a wide territorial scale. In the present work, the definition of seismic risk management strategies in order to prioritize the retrofitting of the strategic buildings is investigated. The multi-criteria decision-making analysis has been considered and applied to data set of strategic buildings in order to define different propriety ranking able to satisfy different purpose.

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EstadoPublicada - 1 abr. 2017


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