Peru 2012: Trapped by history?

Carlos Meléndez, Paolo Sosa Villagarcía

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Peruvian political dynamics has often been characterized as an enduring continuity. The political and economic regimes, as well as the factors that conditioned them, show a stable pattern: governability as the result of a low-intensity equilibrium based on weak Executives and oppositions that lack linkages with social movements. Therefore, different governments -pro-establishment or reformist-, including current Ollanta Humala's, got "trapped by History". An "automatic pilot" mode is privileged in the administration of efficient (economy, international relations) and inefficient sectors (public security). However, recent institutional changes (focused on the technocracy of social programs) can be seen as indicators of a more popular version of this model of governability.
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EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 2013
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