Optimal analysis of the cleaning process by ultrasonic system of vicuña wool

J. Alan Calderon Ch, Benjamin Barriga, J. Alencastre, Julio C. Tafur Sotelo, Fredy Alan Ccarita Cruz

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This article has presented the techniques and strategies that were used to achieve the cleaning of vicuña wool by optimal analysis of ultrasonic systems. Usually, artisanal workers do it manually with some chemical components. However, they do not achieve a professional cleaning and damage the wool. Moreover with an increase in electricity consumption due to the fact that the washing is carried out on average at temperatures close to 50°C. This was the case of this article to solve the problem through an optimal analysis that is suggested to be used in the designed washing machine that uses ultrasound. By a system identification suitable for the elaborated washing machine, the frequency necessary for the optimal cleaning is adjusted as the consequence of the polynomial analysis that was made offline. Finally, in this article the cleaning the vicuña wool is verified by a microscopic scale analysis, owing to the tests are presented photographically and they were compared through the three-dimensional reconstruction technique that was used to improve the results, which validate the cleaning of the vicuña wool.
Idioma originalEspañol
Páginas (desde-hasta)1074-1084
Número de páginas11
PublicaciónSouth Florida Journal of Development
EstadoPublicada - 11 feb. 2022
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