Optimal Analysis for the Correlation between Vibration and Temperature through an Intelligent Sensor/Transducer Based in Amorphous Nanostructures to Measure Vibrating Surfaces Temperature

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The vibration is an oscillatory movement caused by a propagation of waves through fluids or solids, and this consequence is achieved in many mechanic systems by the energy transmission between the movement source with the machine that needs the transmission movement, such as the vibration produced by a combustion engine, by a compressor system and by a result of movement transmission over rotor systems. However, if it is not a controlled mechanism to moderate the produced decibels, the main system that is affected by the vibration can reduce its performance; moreover, it can increase the surface temperature of the vibrating source and systems around. In spite of this, when it uses contact sensors to measure the vibration and temperature over the surface vibrating system, the measured data are under disturbance caused by the vibration source. Therefore, in this research is proposed an intelligent sensor/transducer based in amorphous nanostructures owing to measure the vibration of the surface through infrared (IR) emitter/receiver and the absorbance of the receiver sample has a quite range of work and robustness under disturbance of vibrating signals. This proposed sensor also has the possibility to charge energy by itself because of sun/warmth energy conversion.
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Título de la publicación alojadaChaos Monitoring in Dynamic Systems - Analysis and Applications [Working Title]
EstadoPublicada - 3 nov. 2022

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NombreChaos Monitoring in Dynamic Systems - Analysis and Applications [Working Title]

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