On the Origins of Social Complexity in the Central Andes and Possible Linguistic Correlations

P. Kaulicke

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This chapter tackles a number of problems surrounding the emergence and formation of complex societies in the central Andes, principally on the north and central coasts of Peru and their adjacent highlands. While chronology itself will form part of the discussion, there is general agreement in envisaging this process as taking place over a period of some three millennia between c.3000 bc and the beginning of our era. The focus here is on the earlier part of this 'block' of time, namely from before 3000 bc to c.1000 bc, or in chronological terms from the Middle Archaic to Middle Formative. The factors that lead to complexity include important changes in social structure and economic systems, but also probable movements and concentrations of populations, against a linguistic background taken into account despite the obvious difficulties in defining it at these timedepths.
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EstadoPublicada - 31 ene. 2013

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