On-chip integration of enzyme and immunoassays: Simultaneous measurements of insulin and glucose

Joseph Wang, Alfredo Ibáñez, Madhu Prakash Chatrathi

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A microfluidic device coupling immunological and enzymatic assays within a single microchannel has been developed for simultaneous measurements of insulin and glucose. Such a dual-mode (enzyme/immuno) protocol involves precolumn reactions of insulin and glucose with the enzyme-labeled anti-human insulin and glucose-dehydrogenase/NAD+, respectively, followed by the electrophoretic separation of the free antibody, antibody-antigen complex, and the NADH product of the enzymatic reaction. The separation is followed by a postcolumn reaction of the alkaline-phosphatase tracer with the p-NPP substrate and a downstream amperometric detection of the p-nitrophenol and NADH products. Despite the huge concentration difference [millimolar (glucose) and nanomolar (insulin)] and the use of different assay principles, the new biochip responds independently to the corresponding target analytes, with linear dynamic ranges over their clinically relevant ranges. Complete assays, carried out within less than 4 min, lead to good precision (RSD 0.36%) for the insulin/glucose ratio. The resulting biochip allows simultaneous testing for insulin and glucose to be performed more rapidly, easily, and economically, and hence it holds great promise for improved management of diabetes.

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PublicaciónJournal of the American Chemical Society
EstadoPublicada - 16 jul. 2003
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