Nonlinear modelling of curved masonry structures after seismic retrofit through FRP reinforcing

Bartolomeo Pantò, Francesco Cannizzaro, Salvatore Caddemi, Ivo Caliò, César Chácara, Paulo B. Lourenço

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A reliable numerical evaluation of the nonlinear behaviour of historical masonry structures, before and after a seismic retrofitting, is a fundamental issue in the design of the structural retrofitting. Many strengthening techniques have been introduced aimed at improving the structural performance of existing structures that, if properly designed and applied, provide an effective contribution to the preservation of their cultural value. Among these strategies, the use of fabric-reinforced polymeric (FRP) materials on masonry surface is being widely adopted for practical engineering purposes. The application of strips or 2D grid composite layers is a low invasive and easy to apply retrofitting strategy, that is able to improve both the in-plane and the out of plane behaviour of masonry elements also in the presence of complex geometries thanks to their flexibility. For this reason, these techniques are frequently employed for reinforcing masonry curved elements, such as arches and vaults. In this paper, taking advantage of an existing general framework based on a discrete element approach previously introduced by the authors, a discrete element conceived for modelling the interaction between masonry and FRP reinforcement is applied to different curved masonry vaults typologies. This model, already used for evaluating the nonlinear behaviour of masonry arches, is here employed for the first time to evaluate the effectiveness of FRP reinforcements on double curvature elements. After a theoretical description of the proposed strategy, two applications relative to an arch and a dome, subjected to seismic loads, with different reinforced conditions, are presented. The benefit provided by the application of FRP strips is also compared with that associated to traditional retrofitting techniques. A sensitivity study is performed with respect to the structure scale factor.

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EstadoPublicada - 29 ago. 2017
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