Multimodal viewing interface for skin ulcers (Leish-MUVI)

Ru Zhang, Omar Zenteno, Sylvie Treuillet, Benjamin Castaneda

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Multimodal image exploration in medicine has proven to efficiently improve screening and diagnosis. The IMPULSO project (IMage Processing for ULcerS in trOpical areas) performed an acquisition campaign for the collection of a multimodal image database of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis ulcers in Peru. The database includes color images, 3D scans (scatter plots, surface), ultrasound images (US) and hyperspectral cubes (HSI) acquired from the same ulcers. In this paper, we present a graphical interface for the simultaneous visualization/exploration of two different modalities. A data set of 5 patients which were scanned once every 7-days during their 28-day treatment for a total of 20 ulcers were processed. Color images where overlaid to the ulcers’ superficial information from ultrasound-based 3D models using a projective transformation. Our hypothesis is that the complementarity potential of these imaging techniques may help to improve diagnosis and monitoring of the ulcers. The initial results revealed that it is possible to evaluate ultrasonic and visual features on the same area and correlate the superficial features observed in the color images to the sub-dermic information provided by ultrasound.

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PublicaciónLecture Notes in Computational Vision and Biomechanics
EstadoPublicada - 2018


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