Movienet: Deep space–time-coil reconstruction network without k-space data consistency for fast motion-resolved 4D MRI

Victor Murray, Syed Siddiq, Christopher Crane, Maria El Homsi, Tae Hyung Kim, Can Wu, Ricardo Otazo

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Purpose: To develop a novel deep learning approach for 4D-MRI reconstruction, named Movienet, which exploits space–time-coil correlations and motion preservation instead of k-space data consistency, to accelerate the acquisition of golden-angle radial data and enable subsecond reconstruction times in dynamic MRI. Methods: Movienet uses a U-net architecture with modified residual learning blocks that operate entirely in the image domain to remove aliasing artifacts and reconstruct an unaliased motion-resolved 4D image. Motion preservation is enforced by sorting the input image and reference for training in a linear motion order from expiration to inspiration. The input image was collected with a lower scan time than the reference XD-GRASP image used for training. Movienet is demonstrated for motion-resolved 4D MRI and motion-resistant 3D MRI of abdominal tumors on a therapeutic 1.5T MR-Linac (1.5-fold acquisition acceleration) and diagnostic 3T MRI scanners (2-fold and 2.25-fold acquisition acceleration for 4D and 3D, respectively). Image quality was evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively by expert clinical readers. Results: The reconstruction time of Movienet was 0.69 s (4 motion states) and 0.75 s (10 motion states), which is substantially lower than iterative XD-GRASP and unrolled reconstruction networks. Movienet enables faster acquisition than XD-GRASP with similar overall image quality and improved suppression of streaking artifacts. Conclusion: Movienet accelerates data acquisition with respect to compressed sensing and reconstructs 4D images in less than 1 s, which would enable an efficient implementation of 4D MRI in a clinical setting for fast motion-resistant 3D anatomical imaging or motion-resolved 4D imaging.

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PublicaciónMagnetic Resonance in Medicine
EstadoPublicada - feb. 2024
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