Mechanical properties of calcite- And aragonite-based structures by nanoindentation tests

Omar P. Troncoso, Fernando G. Torres, Junior Arroyo, Karen N. Gonzales, Marta Fernández-García, Daniel López

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Nacre has been considered as one of the most important models for the development of hard bioinspired materials. This aragonite-based layered structure has been extensively studied because of its excellent mechanical properties, superior to those of monolithic aragonite. Calcite-based seashells have received less attention, as they display lower hardness and Young's modulus. However, layered calcitic structures also have a superior fracture toughness value compared with monolithic calcite. In this paper, seashells of six species were studied by correlating the mechanical properties of the calcite- and aragonite-based layers with their mineral building blocks. Morphological studies revealed nacreous and fibrous prismatic microstructures for aragonite-based layers, whereas calcite-based layers have prismatic and foliated microstructures. The hardness and stiffness of the aragonitic structures were slightly higher than those of calcite. A toughening factor was calculated comparing the fracture toughness of the aragonitic and calcitic layers with the toughness of monolithic aragonite and calcite. The toughening factors of calcitic and aragonitic structures were in the same range (1.6-9.2).

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PublicaciónBioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials
EstadoPublicada - 5 jun. 2020


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