Mathematical model for robust control of an irrigation main canal pool

R. Rivas-Perez, V. Feliu-Batlle, F. J. Castillo-Garcia, A. Linares-Saez

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This paper describes the formulation and development of a mathematical model for high-performance robust controller design techniques, based on a complete identification for control procedure, of an irrigation main canal pool (true plant), which is characterized by the exhibition of large variations in its dynamic parameters when the discharge regime changes in the operating range [Qmin, Qmax]. Real-time field data has been used. Four basic steps of the proposed procedure have been defined in which all the stages, from the design of the experiments to the model validation, are considered. This procedure not only delivers a nominal model of the true plant, but also a reliable estimate of its model uncertainty region bounded by the true plant models under minimum and maximum operating discharge regimes (limit operating models). The model uncertainty set, defined by the nominal model and its uncertainty region, is characterized by its being as tight as possible to the true irrigation main canal pool. The obtained results are very promising since this kind of models facilitates the design of robust controllers, which allow improving the operability of irrigation main canal pools and also substantially reduce water losses.

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PublicaciónEnvironmental Modelling and Software
EstadoPublicada - ene. 2014
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