Lima: Poder, centro y centralidad. Del centro nativo al centro neoliberal

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The centre and the idea of centre is a way of practical and ideological construction, that origins and reproduces as an expression of the requests of social, economical, political, cultural and symbolic reproduction of determinate sectors in its experience of producing city. The article offers an overview about the evolution and the transformations of Lima's central area, since its pre inca and inca existence, to its later colonial and republican constitution. Ends with a register of the actual situation. The central area is analyzed as in its condition of an specific reality, as its relation with the whole city and the society. The problems are evaluated from the perspective of the economic, political, social, cultural, anthropologic, architectonic and urbanistic meaning.

Título traducido de la contribuciónLima: Power, centre and centrality. From native centre to neoliberal centre
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EstadoPublicada - 2002
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  • Evolution of the Center
  • Lima
  • Periphery transformation
  • Urban history


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