Kinematic analysis of a rolling tensegrity structure with spatially curved members

Philipp Schorr, Enrique Roberto Carrillo Li, Tobias Kaufhold, Jorge Antonio Rodríguez Hernández, Lena Zentner, Klaus Zimmermann, Valter Böhm

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In this work, a tensegrity structure with spatially curved members is applied as rolling locomotion system. The actuation of the structure allows a variation of the originally cylindrical shape to a conical shape. Moreover, the structure is equipped with internal movable masses to control the position of the center of mass of the structure. To control the locomotion system a reliable actuation strategy is required. Therefore, the kinematics of the system considering the nonholonomic constraints are derived in this paper. Based on the resulting insight in the locomotion behavior a feasible actuation strategy is designed to control the trajectory of the system. To verify this approach kinematic analyses are evaluated numerically. The simulation data confirm the path following due to an appropriate shape change of the tensegrity structure. Thus, this system enables a two-dimensional rolling locomotion.
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EstadoPublicada - 1 abr. 2021

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