Intergranular corrosion behaviour of a new austenitic stainless steel low in nickel

E. Otero, A. Pardo, E. Saenz, V. Utrilla, F. J. Pérez

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A comparative study was done on the intergranular corrosion resistance of AISI 304 stainless steel and a new austenitic stainless steel currently being developed, in which the concentration of nickel is less than 2%. The austenitic effect of nickel is replaced by other alloying elements, mainly manganese. The experimental results are discussed according to ASTM A-262, practices C and E (Huey and modified Strauss). A study of both materials under several test conditions was carried out using scanning electron microscopy to analyze the microstructural characteristics and the attack morphology. © 1995 Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Pergamon Press Ltd.
Idioma originalEspañol
Páginas (desde-hasta)135-141
Número de páginas7
PublicaciónCanadian Metallurgical Quarterly
EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 1995
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