Infrastructure Design to Secure Cloud Environments Against DDoS-Based Attacks

Akashdeep Bhardwaj, Sam Goundar, Luxmi Sapra

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© 2021, The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Switzerland AG.The worldwide infrastructure facilitator for corporations and home customers today is cloud computing. Cloud infrastructure provides infinite consistency in the computing power, storage, and network bandwidth in order for them to satisfy the demands of operation in an optimal manner. Cloud computing allows technology firms, internet suppliers, and home consumers to consistently minimize investments and implementation expenditures. Increased use of cloud-based technology by multinational businesses located in offices, remote areas, and home users was also motivated by the proximity to fast speed connectivity and internet access. This chapter focuses on the creation of a detailed and stable networking architecture to minimize the attacks on hybrid clouds by the distributed denial of service. The writers first published an investigation into cybersecurity problems and the effect on cloud environments. The authors analyzed the study of cloud infrastructure, denial of service, and malware identification and mitigation methods released between January 2010 and December 2020. Current strategies to prevent distributed service denial attacks were tested by the authors. The authors then developed and introduced a stable framework for networks that mitigates distributed service denial attacks on hybrid cloud environments. The proposed infrastructures and the findings contrasted with the single data center architectural architecture were carried out at the network- and device-level assaults. This chapter further discusses future study directions.
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