Influence of Ecuadorian Homosexual Subculture in Consumption Culture: Study about Information Consumption on Twitter

Maximiliano Perez-Cepeda, Leopoldo Arias-Bolzmann

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This qualitative research examines the Ecuadorian homosexual subculture and determines how gender, images, texts, and objects are referred to consumption culture. The netnography method was used to collect data from Twitter conversations. Categorization and classification of the conversations showed how the information was created, the purpose of the message, and the target audience. Results reveal common subjects in relation to news, human rights, and gender equality. Subjects were conceptualized based on the consumption of information in social, cultural, and political environments. It was concluded that images, texts, and objects included in the conversations provide significant information about the homosexual subculture consumption behavior.
Idioma originalEspañol
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Número de páginas22
PublicaciónJournal of Promotion Management
EstadoPublicada - 28 jul. 2020

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