Improving the moisture resistance of adobe structures

Ernesto A. Heredia Zavoni, Juan J. Bariola Bernales, J. Vargas, P. K. Mehta

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Mud plasters or soil stuccos are commonly used to protect adobe walls from water erosion. Due to drying shrinkage cracks and high permeability, the commonly used soil stuccos are not durable. Stucco stabilizers such as Portland cement, lime and asphalt are expensive. An experimental study undertaken to evaluate some of the locally available, inexpensive, stucco stabilizers is reported here. Crack-resistant stucco compositions made with a cactus solution are described and techniques to make the stucco surface impervious to water are discussed. The results of durability tests involving simulated rainfall on stucco panels, and stucco applied to adobe walls, are presented. Recommendations for field practice are also given. © 1988 RILEM.
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PublicaciónMaterials and Structures
EstadoPublicada - 1 may. 1988

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