Immunogenicity and safety of a NeuGcGM3 based cancer vaccine: Results from a controlled study in metastatic breast cancer patients

Vladimir Mulens, Ana De La Torre, Patricia Marinello, Ronald Rodríguez, Jorge Cardoso, René Díaz, Miguel O'Farrill, Amparo Macias, Carmen Viada, Giselle Saurez, Adriana Carr, Tania Crombet, Zaima Mazorra, Rolando Perez, Luis Enrique Fernandez

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Increased levels of NeuGc-containing gangliosides have been described in human breast cancer. A controlled Phase II clinical trial was conducted in patients with metastatic breast cancer to evaluate immunogenicity, safety and to identify evidences of biological activity of a cancer vaccine composed by NeuGcGM3 in a proteoliposome of Neisseria meningitidis together with Montanide ISA 51 as adjuvant. After first line czhemotherapy, 79 women were randomized 1:1 to receive the vaccine candidate or best supportive care. All patients achieved at least stable disease to the first line therapy for the metastatic condition. Treatment consisted on 5 vaccine doses every 2 weeks and then, monthly re-immunization to complete 15 doses. Vaccination with the NeuGcGM3 based vaccine was safe and the most frequent adverse events consisted on injection site reactions, fever, arthralgia and chills. The vaccine was immunogenic and a sustained increase of both IgG and IgM antibody titters against NGcGM3 was observed after the second vaccination month. Antibodies were able to recognize the NeuGcGM3+ murine tumor cell line L1210 and the myeloma cell line P3X63. Humoral response was specific since vaccination did not result in Neu-Acetyl GM3 or GM2-antibody response. Hyperimmune sera from vaccinated patients were able to prevent the NeuGcGM3 mediated CD4 down-modulation on T lymphocytes. In the intent to treat analysis, there was a trend toward a survival advantage for the vaccine group and this effect was significant for women bearing non-visceral metastasis. Two phase III clinical studies with this vaccine candidate are ongoing.

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