Human Autonomy Effectiveness and Development Projects

Mirtha R. Muñiz Castillo, Des Gasper

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This article calls for a new focus in the design, implementation and evaluation of projects, moving away from an abstract conception of "the project" and the goods it is intended to deliver, to a more meaningful concept of people as agents of change. Participation in a project leads to empowerment when people are self-motivated and involved in processes that they value, which achieve outcomes that they value. The article proposes a "human autonomy effectiveness" criterion relevant for sustainable human development; and then develops an analytical approach to assess a project's influence on human autonomy, with reference to changes in the determinants of autonomy (agency powers, access to resources and socio-structural contexts) and to relevant decision-making practices during the project. © 2012 Copyright Oxford Department of International Development.
Idioma originalEspañol
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PublicaciónOxford Development Studies
EstadoPublicada - 1 mar. 2012

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