Globalization, civil society and religion from a latin american standpoint

Catalina Romero

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Religion in Lutin American is Catholic and is becoming universal, ecumenic and global. Since the 16'" century, the people of Peru have fought to retain their cultural identity despite Western encroachment. This paper explores three particular issues: (1) the interplay of the local and the global in the recent history of the Catholic church, (2) the emergence of a theological thinking which is grounded in the practical U'orld and in the consciousness of the poor and middle class citizens, (3) the expansion of civil society with the diversification of the elite and the incorporation of the rural and urban masses. Finally, the impact of these internal changes and how they relate to globalitation in religion and culture is examined.
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PublicaciónSociology of Religion: A Quarterly Review
EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 2001

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