Fuentes lexicográficas para el estudio histórico de los indigenismos del castellano andino

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The lexical records of the Andean area begin in 1560 for Quechua and in 1584 for Aymara. In both cases, the varieties considered archetypal are recorded, leaving aside those deviating from the selected model. Only in the seventeenth century, other languages and not only dialects that had been marginalized until then were recorded and this not always in the form of vocabularies or simple glossaries. Of all the Andean languages, Quechua assimilated, for historical and cultural reasons, idiomatic influence from the other major languages of Ancient Peru. Modernly, the consultation of such sources has been carried out outside the historical and dialectological knowledge of the languages recorded, and, despite the contribution of Andean linguistics and philology in the second half of the twentieth century, lexicographers of Andean Spanish continue to operate, in terms of etymology, with nineteenth-century criteria
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Título de la publicación alojadaFuentes lexicográficas del estudio histórico del léxico hispanoamericano
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NombreFuentes lexicográficas del estudio histórico del léxico hispanoamericano
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