FCNC and CP violation observables in an SU (3)-flavoured MSSM

L. Calibbi, J. Jones Pérez, A. Masiero, Jae hyeon Park, W. Porod, O. Vives

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A non-Abelian flavour symmetry in a minimal supersymmetric standard model can explain the flavour structures in the Yukawa couplings and simultaneously solve the SUSY flavour problem. Similarly the SUSY CP problem can be solved if CP is spontaneously broken in the flavour sector. In this work, we present an explicit example of these statements with an SU (3) flavour symmetry and spontaneous CP violation. In addition, we show that it is still possible to find some significant deviation from the SM expectations as far as FCNC and CP violation are concerned. We find that large contributions can be expected in lepton flavour violating decays, as μ → e γ and τ → μ γ, electric dipole moments, de and dn and kaon CP violating processes as ε{lunate}K. We also show that without further modifications, it is unlikely for these models to solve the ΦBs anomaly at low-moderate tan β. Thus, these flavoured MSSM realizations are phenomenologically sensitive to the experimental searches in the realm of flavor and CP violation physics.

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PublicaciónNuclear Physics B
EstadoPublicada - 21 may. 2010
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