Efficient beam-based model for reinforced concrete walls considering shear-flexure interaction

Gustavo Loa, Juan Murcia-Delso, Nicola Tarque

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This paper presents an efficient beam-based modelling scheme for the seismic analysis of reinforced concrete structural walls. The model combines a force-based beam element with a fibre section for flexural response and a zero-length element for shear response. The fibre-based element simulates the nonlinear flexural behaviour through uniaxial material laws that account for concrete cracking, concrete crushing, and yielding and rupture of reinforcing bars. The zero-length element represents the shear behaviour with a trilinear lateral force-displacement curve representing, in a phenomenological way, nonlinear deformations caused by diagonal cracking. The reduction of shear resistance caused by inelastic flexural deformations is accounted for in the model to reproduce failures due to shear-flexure interaction. The model has been validated using data from 52 tests on wall specimens exhibiting flexure, shear and mixed shear-flexure modes from experimental campaigns reported in the literature, showing good accuracy in predicting the effective stiffness, maximum strength and displacement capacities obtained in the tests. Model results for ultimate displacement capacity correlate better with experimental results than simplified code-oriented expressions in performance-based evaluation standards and recommendations. Considering its balanced accuracy and computational efficiency, it is concluded that the proposed modelling scheme can effectively be used for performance-based seismic design and assessment of RC wall buildings.

Idioma originalInglés
Número de artículo118365
PublicaciónEngineering Structures
EstadoPublicada - 15 set. 2024


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