Effect of chitin whiskers on the molecular dynamics of carrageenan-based nanocomposites

Marta Carsi, Maria J. Sanchis, Clara M. Gómez, Sol Rodriguez, Fernando G. Torres

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Films of carrageenan (KC) and glycerol (g) with different contents of chitin nanowhiskers (CHW) were prepared by a solution casting process. The molecular dynamics of pure carrageenan (KC), carrageenan/glycerol (KCg) and KCg with different quantities of CHWs as a filler was studied using dielectric relaxation spectroscopy. The analysis of the CHW effect on the molecular mobility at the glass transition, Tg, indicates that non-attractive intermolecular interactions between KCg and CHW occur. The fragility index increased upon CHW incorporation, due to a reduction in the polymer chains mobility produced by the CHW confinement of the KCg network. The apparent activation energy associated with the relaxation dynamics of the chains at Tg slightly increased with the CHW content. The filler nature effect, CHW or montmorillonite (MMT), on the dynamic mobility of the composites was analyzed by comparing the dynamic behavior of both carrageenan-based composites (KCg/xCHW, KCg/xMMT).

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Número de artículo1083
EstadoPublicada - 2019


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