Dynamic model based formation control and obstacle avoidance of multi-robot systems

Celso De La Cruz, Ricardo Carelli

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This work presents, first, a complete dynamic model of a unicycle-like mobile robot that takes part in a multi-robot formation. A linear parameterization of this model is performed in order to identify the model parameters. Then, the robot model is input-output feedback linearized. On a second stage, for the multi-robot system, a model is obtained by arranging into a single equation all the feedback linearized robot models. This multi-robot model is expressed in terms of formation states by applying a coordinate transformation. The inverse dynamics technique is then applied to design a formation control. The controller can be applied both to positioning and to tracking desired robot formations. The formation control can be centralized or decentralized and scalable to any number of robots. A strategy for rigid formation obstacle avoidance is also proposed. Experimental results validate the control system design.

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EstadoPublicada - may. 2008
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