Development of low-cost remote sensing tools and methods for supporting smallholder agriculture

Gonzalo Cucho-Padin, Hildo Loayza, Susan Palacios, Mario Balcazar, Mariella Carbajal, Roberto Quiroz

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Agricultural UAV-based remote sensing tools to facilitate decision-making for increasing productivity in developing countries were developed and tested. Specifically, a high-quality multispectral sensor and sophisticated-yet-user-friendly data processing techniques (software) under an open-access policy were implemented. The multispectral sensor—IMAGRI-CIP—is a low-cost adaptable multi-sensor array that allows acquiring high-quality and low-SNR images from a UAV platform used to estimate vegetation indexes such as NDVI. Also, a set of software tools that included wavelet-based image alignment, image stitching, and crop classification have been implemented and made available to the remote sensing community. A validation field experiment carried out at the International Potato Center facilities (Lima, Peru) to test the developed tools is reported. A thorough comparison study with a wide-used commercial agricultural camera showed that IMAGRI-CIP provides highly correlated NDVI values (R2≥ 0.8). Additionally, an application field experiment was conducted in Kilosa, Tanzania, to test the tools in smallholder farm settings, featuring high-heterogeneous crop plots. Results showed high accuracy (> 82%) to identify 13 different crops either as mono-crop or as mixed-crops.
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PublicaciónApplied Geomatics
EstadoPublicada - 1 set. 2020

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