Cyclic Lateral Load Test of a Wall with Timber Frame Structure and Lightearth Envelope

German Becerra, Silvia Onnis, Giuseppina Meli, Martin Wieser, Julio Vargas Neumann

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To address the housing and equipment deficit in Peru, it is necessary to have more and better construction system alternatives that prioritize not only cost and safety aspects, but also those of comfort and sustainability. The aim of this study is to identify the mechanical properties of a system made of a timber framed structure and a prefabricated panels of lightened earth enclosure, as a preliminary step to a subsequent dynamic test. A cyclic lateral load test is described, whose procedure consists of the anchoring and fixing of the wall in a fixed base, the definition of phases controlled by a displacement, the instrumentation of the wall to control the drifts and, finally, the application of a lateral load on the superior beam of the wall. The aim is to determine the mechanical properties of the wall, such as the lateral shear resistance and the lateral elastic stiffness, as well as to develop the hysteresis diagram of the proposed system. In addition to identifying the required mechanical properties, the wall proved to be quite rigid, with a high elasticity in the initial stage, and an inelastic stage of large deformation until failure. Even though the wall behaved quite auspiciously in relation to current construction standards, some weaknesses were identified that gave rise to recommendations, such as reducing the density of the cladding or reducing the spacing between the diagonal wooden laths.
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Título de la publicación alojadaSustainability in Energy and Buildings 2022
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EstadoPublicada - 7 ene. 2023

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NombreSustainability in Energy and Buildings 2022
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