Consecuencias pasivas del odio a la marca: El papel mediador de la evasión de marca

Flavia Braga Chinelato, Marcos Ferreira Santos, Luiz Rodrigo Moura Cunha, Cid Gonçalves Filho

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This study aims to determine the antecedents of brand patronage reduction as a consequence of brand hate, demon-strating the mediating effect of brand avoidance on passive/flight consequences of brand hate, showing their impact on a firm's brand equity. A survey was carried out with a sample of 307 consumers of mobile phone operators. The structural model was analysed using SmartPLS3. The results demonstrated that brand hate is significantly relevant in its impact on patronage reduction and brand equity. The model explained 57,9% of patronage reduction as a con-sequence of brand hate in a nomological explanation chain of constructs. The research demonstrated how passive/flight behaviours are generated by brand hate, indicating to managers that brand avoidance would be developed and must be prevented in order to reduce the negative impacts on patronage reduction and brand equity. Despite the rele-vance of negative consumer-brand relationships, no study has adequately explained patronage reduction as a conse-quence of brand hate. Furthermore, this is the first study to demonstrate the relevant role of brand avoidance, acting as a mediator in the relationship between brand hate and its consequences, presenting negative impacts on patronage reduction and brand equity.
Idioma originalEspañol
Páginas (desde-hasta)77-89
Número de páginas13
PublicaciónMultidisciplinary Business Review
EstadoPublicada - 29 jun. 2022

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